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With DISH TV, you can record up to eight programs at once. Your television is made better through the best technology powering it on DISH TV. DISH has the industry leading innovative entertainment options you want, as it has since day one of the company's development. Featuring the exclusive Hopper Whole Home HD DVR with Sling, DISH TV is a powerful entertainment center for your home, where you can watch countless TV shows and movies on any of your devices that your home wifi signal reaches AND anywhere else you can access wireless Internet.

DISH TV Hopper Whole Home HD DVR with Sling is an option you can't find anywhere else. This service comes with 20 free premium movie channels, sports channels and 24 hour customer service.

Windstream & DISH

You never miss a game with DISH TV by Windstream

Whether your favorite teams are college, pro or amateur, you never miss a game with the Multi-Sport Pack. Through this package, you gain incredible access to 30 of your favorite sports channels, including:

  • Pac 12 Networks
  • SEC Network
  • NBA TV
  • NFL Network
  • Big Ten Network
  • ...and many more

DISH TV Devices

DISH TV Travels With You

Wherever you can find a wireless signal, your television programming travels with you. Enjoy access to hundreds of streaming episodes, On Demand titles and more that you can watch on the go.

Access Throughout Your Home Property

Consider using DISH's FREE six-room professional installation to power HD DISH TV service into all of the rooms on your property, even those not connected to your home. Upgrade your garage for DISH TV while you work on home projects or the family car. Convert your man cave in the back or enjoy television and movie programming while you work in your home office.

DISH TV Service

Free Premium Channels for Three Months

Regardless of whether you choose the Two-Year Price Guarantee or the First Year Savings Plan, you enjoy 50 FREE premium channels for three full months. This includes entertainment channels like:

  • HBO
  • Showtime
  • Cinemax
  • ...and more!

Two-Year Price Guarantee Plan Never Changes for Two Full Years!

Your DISH TV savings plan includes a two-year price guarantee. With this 2-year price guarantee, you enjoy the same monthly bill every month for two years. Your first receiver is included in your price with free HD, local channels, regional sports and more!

First Year Savings Plans Provide Benefits and Savings

With a First Year Savings Plan, you enjoy great savings and benefits in your first year of DISH Digital TV. Save up to $40 per month for your first year of DISH TV. Receive a monthly credit for the first year and your FREE Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR is included!

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