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With cable Internet prices rising every day at rates of up to $10 per month, you never know what to expect on your monthly bill. But you can enjoy bundled Windstream services for the same monthly rate on every bill, with no commitments or contracts required. Windstream Internet pricing is below the average cost of Internet access, so you will always know you have a great deal for your high-speed Internet. Every device in your home can stay connected 24/7 with around-the-clock tech support and service quality commitment you expect from Windstream for years of web-surfing convenience and satisfaction without the worry each time you open your bill.

Windstream High Speed Internet

Windstream Internet

Tired of waiting for access to the Internet? Windstream Communications knows you want fast, reliable, secure and well-supported service for your Internet needs. Information, entertainment and education are all at your fingertips and on all of your devices at speeds that are much faster and more reliable than dial-up. Connections start at 3 Mbps and range up to 24 Mbps for Windstream Flash 24. Enjoy current promotions to get the Internet speeds you want with home phone bundled at a discounted rate on one low monthly bill.

At Windstream, we know speed is not all you need from your Internet service. Power and the ability to run every page and application you want you want across multiple devices for each member of the family are important through around-the-clock connectivity.

Windstream Internet Deal

High Speed Broadband

Windstream works to provide the most reliable service in even hard-to-reach and rural areas. Windstream is the solution for both suburban and rural customers tired of lagging Internet cramping their online style. With speeds of 3 Mbps to 24 Mbps, Flash! Windstream also offers bundles that include home phone, nationwide calling and lower prices than Internet alone.

Use faster Internet to connect better with Windstream, gaining access to faster downloads, smooth video experience and fewer lagging connections - even when each of your family members are streaming, blogging, downloading, surfing, gaming, chatting, working and playing at the same time!

Online Security Matters

File accessibility and security are critical. Access your files from anywhere by storing them on the Windstream cloud. Sync to all of your devices, so you never are without the important files you need, no matter where you are. Protect all of these files and your personal information through online security plans. Gain your choice of:

  • Online storage and backup
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Virus, malware and hacker protection

Wireless Internet Is Simple with Windstream

With Windstream, your home Internet and wifi access are simplified using 115,000 miles of the Windstream network. Enjoy unfettered, untethered and truly mobile Internet access on all of your devices around your household for the entire family.

Free self-installation is available when you call to save an additional $35 without need for an installation appointment.

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